The Bits ‘n Bobs from Australia

No worries, no dramas: From Perth to Darwin

My first foray into the old blogging malarky, detailing my road trip from Perth up to Darwin. Featuring such things as old cars, camping and mosquitos.

Bali Belly Elly & The Lazy Oaf

The time I spent all my remaining dollars on a trip to Bali, where I contracted Bali Belly during a week long motorbike trip around the island. Good and bad times were had.

 The Darwin Dream

Penniless and jobless, Darwin didn’t prove as fruitful as I (and hundreds of other lost souls) hoped it would be.

 Nothing Rhymes with Melbourne

A ‘new’ $800 car (Mr Purple), winter in Australia and a city that I actually liked (bumpkin alert). Oh, and a snorer.

 Lanckeld, Duncashire, Ausland, Engalia.

I managed to find myself in job which exactly paralleled life back in England… with a few differences. It was trippy.

 Some sun. A lot of sea. Much sand. No suspicious parents.

A month working as a ‘workawayer’ south of Melbourne for the best couple, who taught me the ukulele AND to enjoy singing (regardless of everyone else’s ears suffering).

 From Melbourne back to Perth, because West is best.

Driving Mr Purple back to Perth, across the desert and to white beaches. It involved eating a lot of pancakes – Dutch style.